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Welcome to DazzleDen! Email at dazzledens@gmail.com or click on message box below for custom orders or questions.  

DazzleDen is a handmade store in business since 2013.  Dazzleden delicately places stones one at a time to create your "have it your own" way blinged out item.  Each piece is made to your desire and imagination.  Have an idea please share with me and we can make it happen.  Items to bling are not limited to what's on these pages, anything is possible and welcomed.  Send your item to recreate or I can purchase whatever you would like.  Add some glamour to you, your home or your little one with these eye-catching, stunning sparkle one of a kind items.  Enjoy browsing the store for ideas and your special requests are treasured.   DAZZLE IT!!
 Email: dazzleden@aol.com
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